Sewage Damage – Alleviation of the Dilemma

Sewage is a harmful component of wastewater that could bring health risks to people exposed to it if not seen to accordingly. It is ordinary to hear and read news pertaining to flood-related events that affect people’s lives due to its after effects like flooding which bring about huge damage of properties and worse comes to worst the loss of lives.

One of the after effects is sewage damage. Sewage damage can pose a threat to human health as well as properties. To address these concerns, it is very important to know not only the truth behind sewage damage but the necessary precautions that could alleviate such sewage damage-related problems.

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What lies beneath? The truth about Sewage

In every concept, there lies beneath several myths. Before we know how to handle sewage damage, let us know first what the real from fiction is.

Myth #1: Sewage from water reservoirs such as lakes, rivers and oceans is clean.

Sewage comes from human wastes, and therefore it cannot and will never be clean. The water contaminated by sewage contains lots of contaminants such as pathogens, microorganisms and pesticides.

Myth #2: The Use of Chlorine

This is not true because sewage has bacteria and dead fungi that could easily create allergies due to certain chemicals that bacteria and dead fungi have. Although bleach is a remedy, it can only be inactivated quickly by sewage.

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Myth #3: Carpets affected by sewage can be saved.

Fortunately not true. Absorbent materials that cannot be cleaned in hot water must be eliminated safely.

Myth #4: Buildings partially flooded by sewage are safe.

Not unless contaminated areas are sealed off immediately so as to prevent contamination of other areas. People who are trained and specialized in the field of sewage damage restoration are the authorized people to the job.

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The DO’s and DON’T’s of Sewage Damage

It is true enough that to lessen the difficulty, it all starts on oneself’s responsibility. In order to lessen the sewage damage, there are ways on how to deal with it. Presented below are the do’s and don’t’s of dealing with this difficulty.

Always remember the do’s pronto!

Always make sure that homeowners’ wash their hands thoroughly. This should be of primary importance so as to prevent the transmission of illnesses.

Always keep people away from contaminated areas. Children and pets should be kept away from such places because they are the ones who are vulnerable to such events.

Surfaces and furnishings affected by water impact should be treated as noxious, until properly decontaminated.

And also don’t forget the don’ts!

Attempt to remove everything all by yourself. Decontamination of surfaces with sprays and other over-the-counter decontamination products should be trusted to authorize individuals who are expert in sewage damage clean-up.

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